Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack


Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack


Featuring –
Depression & Anxiety – the similarities and difference with both conditions
About the Coaching Programme – information about EmotionMind dynamic coaching and coaching programme
EmotionMind Dynamic Principles – The principles at the core of the coaching model
Depression for me – A list of some of the feelings and behaviours I experienced through my own period of depression
MENTAL HEALTH plan – suggestions for forming a bespoke plan to support your mental health
SELF CARE plan – suggestions to forming a bespoke self care plan
WELLBEING plan – suggestions to support your own wellbeing



Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack

Downloadable resources to inform and support your mental health and wellbeing, and create a self care plan.

  • Depression and Anxiety – describing the experience of living with these conditions
  • What depression looked like for me – Feelings and behaviours I experienced whilst living with depression and anxiety
  • EmotionMind Dynamic Principles – the founding principles of my coaching model which support mindful living, self development, health and wellbeing.
  • About the coaching programme – the aims of the coaching programme, the coaching process and how you can learn
  • MENTAL HEALTH plan – practical suggestions for supporting your mental health
  • SELF CARE plan – suggestions for ways you can self care
  • WELLBEING plan – suggestions for supporting your wellbeing


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