Improving your Wellbeing – Video Series + Reference Guides




Improving your Wellbeing Pack – four videos and two reference guides to help your understanding of wellbeing and guide your self care planning

Featuring –
A series of videos that guide you to improving your self care from the inside out.
1 – Introducing ‘Self Knowledge is a Superpower’, the fundamentals of wellbeing and the challenges to your wellbeing. (running time approx. 13 mins.)
2 – Your emotional vessel, expressing emotions and emotional performance. (running time approx. 13 mins.)
3 – Explanation of the EmotionMind Dynamic Model – how emotions and thoughts affect our behaviours and actions. (running time approx. 17 mins.)
4 – 5 A’s of Accountability, and recognising behaviours and actions. (running time approx. 23 mins.)

Self Care Guide – a reference guide with suggestions to forming a bespoke self care plan
Practising Self Care – a reference guide for how to practice Self Care in daily routines and exercises


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