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How I Work

I love to inspire women and children using my own life experiences as a woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, business woman and all the other roles I fill each and every day. My passion is learning all life has to teach and passing it on to my clients.


Have you lost your identity?




Are you worried about your child?


Are they struggling with behaviour management, anxiety, anger, emotional outbursts or are they withdrawn?


By working with me children can learn to understand why they behave and feel as they do and together we will work out how they can take control of their thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavour.


Do you have issues that are affecting your relationship with your child or you feel the relationship is breaking down?

As parents we often feel scrutinised and judged on our mistakes, constantly feeling like we are failing, getting things wrong and letting our children down. In my experience of supporting parents and becoming a parent myself, no one parenting style suits all.  Your parenting style is unique to you and your family, every child is different as is every parent.  

I can help return balance to your family. I will help improve communication, build confidence and a mutually trusting relationship to create a respectful home for all the family.


Relationships are not always easy, there are ups, there are downs and there are curve balls that can affect the relationship. Relationships take work, determination and commitment from both parties to work.

Work with me to learn skills and tools that promote happy, equal and loving relationships.


See what others think of my work



Does anxiety, depression and stress overwhelm you at personally or professionally?

They can take control of how we live, our relationships and how we feel, think and behave. They influence our life and our ability to make rational decisions as we get sucked into the emotional abyss. We battle to survive against the internal struggles while plastering on a smile for the world to see, at home, at work and with friends. No one knows about our emotional state unless we tell them, they are fooled by our smile, laughter and the care we put into others as we carry on. We feel broken inside while on the outside we try to shine and do our best. Feeling exhausted, life feels so hard, like it is conspiring against us all the time, it feels like we have no choice but to continue to accept and struggle on.

You do have options, you can choose to make changes and take back control

What would it feel like to no longer battle within yourself? Having the freedom in your mind to make decisions, to engage in positive relationships and to feel genuine happiness. Getting up every day feeling alive, living fully, not just existing and to be in control of what happens in your life.

Dynamind coaching helps you understand your anxiety, depression or stress, how it affects you, how it controls your emotions, thoughts and behaviour and what you can do about it. Self Knowledge gives you the power to beat your anxiety, depression and stress by breaking patterns and creating new ones. Dynamind coaching helps you develop skills, tools and knowledge that will support you in finding an emotional balance and manage your reaction and response to your anxiety, depression or stress.

I love learning about human behaviour, we humans like patterns, predictability and our comfort zone, even when they are negative or cause problems, it seems. We are not encouraged to challenge the things that happen in our lives, we are taught to accept. We accept bad relationships; feel unhappy in work, the affects of anxiety and depression. We wonder about how to change, we may try to change but we do not invest in the unpredictability of change, we choose to feel powerless.

You are not powerless, when you have self knowledge.

Contact Hayley on 07966 189 084

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