Coaching workshop feedback

Coaching workshop feedback

My first workshop about implementing coaching and training in the workplace on behalf of the local college went really well. In the short workshop, we talked about the difficulties of clear definitions of coaching and training, when...
What will take us ‘over the edge’?

What will take us ‘over the edge’?

Can we predict the things that will take us ‘over the edge’? Busy week last week; in a positive way mostly but then a few hurdles towards the end. I had a surge of energy brought on by excitement of some new developments. I felt as if I was running around like a...

To amazingly strong people!

Second session with a client to be told “you are helping me make sense of everything already” Old client feedback “You have been amazing and changed my life, i told the S.P.s they need you as part if their team” Disrupting negative patterns...

It’s not about position, it’s about action

When I used to hear the term leader, I often visualised a man standing on a chair with one foot on the table with his hand in the air, surrounded by his team cheering and chanting, I think I’ve seen a picture of this and it stuck. This visual is a vintage ideal of a...

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