How many of us take care of ourselves, really?

We live busy lives, seemingly always dashing from one place to the next. I often hear people wishing for an extra hour or two in their days! So when I remind others how they need to find time to care for themselves, it’s also said with a smile. I get it – my life is busy too. Self care time can seem like another obligation to squeeze into a schedule that’s fit to burst.

Time for self care

But the importance of self care is something we should all be considering. Others may look after us too, that’s very comforting when we’re not feeling our best. It’s recognised by friends and family who want to make us feel better, we love them for it and might offer the same when they need the same care. We may drop everything to help a friend or family member in distress, but rarely do so for ourselves. Yet in these busy lives we lead, we may simply not notice how someone else is feeling. The thoughts and emotions they feel are invisible to us – it works the other way around too. Do we need to rely on them to notice our need for care?

Self care isn’t selfish

With this mode of thinking, it’s nearly impossible to see self care as a selfish action. Being aware of your emotions allows you to notice the alarm bell ringing that says you need some time. Caring for yourself in the way you know you respond to, means less alarms sounding in the first place. You are providing yourself with the care you need – an empowering thought and an independent action.

Regardless of how jammed packed your days are, please take my advice. Find a moment daily which you can devote to you – when no one wants or needs you, except yourself. Treat it as an investment in your current and future happiness.