Although these words are often interchanged, I believe there is a clear difference which I talk about in this video. The truth is mental health is something we ALL have – its not something that only those who are battling mental ill health are aware of.

Perhaps the best comparison would be with that of physical health. In the same way, physical health would be when we are fit, well and strong. Physical illness is when we have challenges in our daily life, we may be in pain or take longer to do something we could manage easily when we are healthy.

Imagine a culture where speaking out about our struggles, our challenges and the things we each do to look after our mental health. For World Mental Health Day’s theme this year, ‘mental health for all’ – let it be a reminder that we can all play a part in supporting mental health, and offering support and compassion to those with mental illness.

Mental Health & Mental Illness – what is the difference?