Suffering in Silence

Have you ever suffered pain and not let anyone know? As you have that discussion, the pain throbs in your body silently. The pain is so bad, you feel nauseous and are thinking about holding it together and focusing on the task you are doing. Your body is screaming at...

Things are not what they seem

The true impact of feeling emotionally and mentally unsafe isn’t always what you think. When you’re life revolved around emotional and mental battles it affects your mind, body, relationships, family, self esteem, confidence, ability to live instead of...
I am what I am

I am what I am

I’ve recently realised what kind of foundation I had developed prior to living with depression, it was a rocky one. I had low self esteem, I compared myself to others, I never felt as good as or good enough. I self punished and self judged, I criticised. I...

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