Some of the comments received by clients following coaching sessions and after completing coaching programmes

“When I first went on this course I didn’t really think it would change much, if anything. As the weeks went on I found myself questioning different things in ways I never had. I was on the verge of cancelling my very first holiday, as the stress and anxiety had built up to such a level I really didn’t think I could cope. But after each session I was starting to see differences, some small, some not so small. In the way I was dealing with things and life in general, I believe this course has given me new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. It has also made me feel more confident in the decisions I do actually make.  I also believe that if it were not for Hayley and this course I would never have known what a normal family holiday would have felt like, and I never would have had the most amazing time!!

I am now looking forward to and planning the next. This course hasn’t given me the answers to everything but has taught me ways of dealing with situations in a more positive aspect, but mainly it has taught me how to start changing my negative attitude to all change.  I wouldn’t say I look forward to change now, I still find things difficult sometimes, but now, I am no longer scared.  I would just like to say thank you Hayley for helping me achieve something i never ever thought possible, there is light at the end of the tunnel”        

“Hayley and the recent work she has done with the Mothers living in the community of Morfa has been nothing short of inspiring. She engaged them fully in each session, tackling many difficult and emotive subjects week on week. Her manner and delivery pushes people to think on a deeper level without being judgemental, allowing them to re-assess and importantly re-focus on what is important.
The difference we have seen in the group that completed the course has also been highly complimentary of the work Hayley has done with them. We have seen noticeable differences in the ability of one of the mothers to cope with her current relationship breakdown, another has gone on to further education and all have feedback positive changes in regards to the relationships they have with their children.
We hope to work again with Hayley in the future but in the mean time wish her all the best in her work.” 

“I met Hayley a few years ago, but little did I know how instrumental she would be in shaping my future. I thought I had pretty much dealt with the things that were holding me back in my professional life and personal life & during one of our sessions we had touched on if fear was holding me back. I felt that no, it wasn’t. A few months later I was in a very dark place on a personal level and booked in to see Hayley. After suffering with anxiety for four years I was feeling at my lowest after a sequence of personal issues.

We worked through Hayley’s course & with her help we uncovered that I was living constantly in grief and that my coping mechanisms were covering over 70 major traumatic events in my life. I had no previous understanding that these were holding me back and shaping how I lived. The course gave me the final piece of the puzzle to help rebuild my life the way I wanted, to take control of my thoughts and move on emotionally. The course has armed me with strategies to future-proof my life and design it the way I want. I’ve learnt I’m allowed to be me and embrace that. So thank you Hayley for truly releasing me from a prison I didn’t even know was there! Truly thank you so much, you’ve unlocked so much” 

“I’ve struggled with myself with motivation and direction within my own business, and being a one-man-band struggled with self doubt too. I had a mentoring session with Hayley I feel has unlocked something – I understand more about why I’m getting these negative feelings and what I can do to turn around. And as an result, there’s a new business idea in the pipeline and I’m revisiting an idea I had dumped through fear and low self esteem.”

“Thank you so much for speaking at both our campaign days. The service users have made loads of wonderful comments about your talk and how much they could relate to your story. A lot of service users really enjoyed the aspect of using visual representation (jars) to express their emotions and commented that they found doing the jar activity a lot easier than to talk openly about how they were feeling…. once again thank you so much “

“Thank you for all your faith, support and encouragement you have put in me over the last few months. My house has a mammy my children deserve… I am so glad I opened up to you or my fog would never have been lifted. I’ve enjoyed seeing myself change week by week, and get stronger. I’m beginning to understand myself more which was hard at first. The difference in me is amazing. 
Thank you, you’ve changed my life forever.”

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