Public Speaking

One of my passions is spreading the word about alternative methods of treating mental health - in particular anxiety, depression, stress and bullying. In our communities, and on a wider scale, we need to do more to make this a topic we are all educated enough to identify the vulnerable, and develop resiliency to minimise the damage this conditions can cause. 


Speaking Opportunities

  • Conferences

  • Debates / Discussions

  • Awareness Days

  • Radio & TV

  • Podcast Guest

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UK Health Radio

Guest on Paul Rees' show discussing the effects of social media on mental health, and  how my journey through depression inspired the coaching model I now use with my clients to aid their recovery. 

A New Dawn – Podcast 

During this podcast with Dawn, I shared my experiences of parenting a child with anxiety while living with depression.


Radio BGM

Guest on shows sharing some tips on helping children with their anxiety, and contributing to a feature on Mental Health Awareness Week.


'What Matters' think tank

I was invited to be Lead panelist at 'The aim of the summit, organised by Legacy Group International, to open discussions around the crisis happening in mental health of young people.

'Business Wellbeing from the inside'
Keynote speaker at business networking event. "Hayley gave one of the best keynotes we have had at the Ignite Business Club to date. She made us all think especially about looking after ourselves."


Vetro Recruitment

Live broadcast from Facebook page sharing practical tips for families living with anxiety . 

Elaine Godley guest

Elaine Godfrey - Perfect Health Facebook Group
Sharing my experiences of parenting a child with anxiety while living with depression

EmotionMind Dynamic Programme

This programme is designed to develop you as a person and to offer you the opportunity to learn healthy emotional expression. Encouraging honest reflection, the programme is founded on six principles to empower and develop students. 

Self Knowledge is a Superpower®

The more you know about yourself, the better able you are to understand and help yourself. EmotionMind Dynamic is a six session programme designed to facilitate holistic personal development.