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EmotionMind Dynamic programme

I created this programme to help people living with depression and anxiety to take control of their life.  The programme is so close to my heart as it was created from my own life experience and my battle with depression (with anxiety caught up in it) while parenting four children, one who was living with anxiety.   

My motto is self knowledge is a super power, this programme is designed to develop you as a person, to offer you the opportunity to learn healthy emotional expression and more importantly to understand who you are, what impact your life experiences have had on you and what you want out of your life.  

I believe in you and your ability to create the life you want and deserve, take this opportunity to learn, grow and develop, you are the most important person in your life and you deserve every happiness.

In 2015, I felt like I was failing at everything, parenting, my business, as a wife, a daughter and as a friend but most of all I was failing myself by not being honest about my mental health.  I lived inside my own toxic head where self punishment and self judgement ruled. The blackness surrounded me and I felt like I was drowning the overwhelming emotions, self talk and thoughts. I was lonely surrounded by people who loved me, they didn’t see it and I didn’t talk about it. 

When I realised my son had been living with anxiety all his life, the battle to help him became my focus and by helping him understand his anxiety, it helped me understand my own emotional and mental state.  On 4th Sep 2016,  my son suffered his last panic attack, going from 8-9 panic attacks a day to no panic or anxiety attacks since.  I took a further year to become more emotionally and mentally stable and a year later I found my 'heart' happiness.  Three years later I was in control of my life, my emotions and my thoughts. Life isn’t perfect, I still have bad mood days, I have lessons to learn about myself and I invest in constantly learning about myself.

What is the EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme?

The aim of the EmotionMind Dynamic programme is to understand how you have come to your current emotional state, how you’ve learned to adapt and have found ways to manage emotional and mental state to get through your days. The process encourages honest reflection and to begin to process and voice the emotions stuck in your emotional vessel.

The EmotionMind Dynamic coaching programme started with the creation of the coaching model after struggling with my own depression and learning my then eleven year old son had lived with anxiety his entire life. My experience of living with and fighting through my depression as well as supporting my son with his anxiety fuels my passion to help others to tackle and overcome the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness associated with anxiety and depression to create the life you want and deserve.

Understanding is an important part of accepting and learning so as to move forward with your life. The coaching programme incorporates personal development and follows a specific set of steps that will help you understand the emotional impact of your life experiences and how emotions fill your emotional vessel over time. Your life may feel like a jigsaw puzzle where some of the pieces don’t fit, maybe they’ve never fit together. The pieces that don’t fit represent knowledge and skills you haven’t learned yet that will allow you to better decisions for you. You will be learning new knowledge and information to create the jigsaw and life that is right for you.

The EmotionMind Dynamic coaching model is founded on six principles that empower both adults and children to embrace self care, good health and integrate well being practice into their life. The coaching principles are a tool to help you adjust constantly to life’s challenges using creative and critical thinking for mindful living. The Coaching principles serve as a reminder that you are the most important person in your life and you deserve to invest time in looking after yourself.

Elements of the coaching programme is based on resources and help I received when I was in my deepest darkest depression.

It is important to acknowledge it is NOT a diagnostic tool, nor a self punishment tool, it is a self empowerment tool. Self knowledge is a Superpower.

What you can expect from the coach and the EmotionMind Dynamic programme:

  • Honesty
  • Respect for your individual life experiences
  • Support
  • Personal development
  • Openness
  • Guidance
  • Confidentiality (should you access direct coaching)
  • Trusting relationship

The Emotion Mind Dynamic Coaching Programme

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