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Public speaking nerves

When I started this talk, it was just after my auntie had passed away, Jamie Denyer had made me tear up with his inspirational talk and he'd had a huge response. My nerves were uncontrollable, I was shaking, sweating, stammering and bang I was on stage not sure what I...

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My little blue friend

I have had this ‘low key’ asthma all my life and have been lucky to go as long as four years without any asthma attacks at all. I do not have ‘bad’ asthma, like some suffer from. It doesn’t trouble me day-to-day. But I always carry a pump, my medication for my asthma,...

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I am what I am

I've recently realised what kind of foundation I had developed prior to living with depression, it was a rocky one. I had low self esteem, I compared myself to others, I never felt as good as or good enough. I self punished and self judged, I criticised. I thought all...

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The social impact of anxiety

Going out with anxiety, is so difficult. When you first agree to going out with friends or confirm your attendance at an event, you are excited and look forward to it. But then as the days get closer, the dread sets in, the fear. The internal debate then the battle in...

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How to cope with anxiety

Anxiety is such a big thing to live with, something you can’t really describe to people in way they would understand.  Clients often say it is all consuming, if you’re not anxious you are waiting for it to strike and when it does, it sends an energy through your...

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Building a foundation for resilience

When I look back to the years before my depression I realise now that I had built a rocky foundation of low self esteem. I practiced self punishing thoughts, I self sabotaged, I lacked a sense of who I was,  I measured myself by unrealistic expectations in terms...

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Kids and Boundaries

I often work with extremely honest children. I ask questions that maybe parents aren't able to ask and being neutral they are not afraid to hurt me with honesty. Boundaries come up - either in the child coyly, with a smirk admitting to pushing the boundaries, or...

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