Losing your identity is like losing your mind.

You can't remember when you became so sad, lost and unhappy but that's what life for you has become, sad, lost and unhappy.

It is common to experience self-doubt from time to time.

That nagging voice in your head that says you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’ve failed. Who can you turn to? Where can you look for help?

It might surprise you to discover that all of these answers - and solutions - are hidden inside of you.

You know yourself better than anyone, and can fix this - just like you do in every other aspect of your life.  

But just like the things we walk past every day and don’t notice, and the things we don’t hear because we are focussing on something else - the solutions may not be obvious. Easy for us to offer advice to others, but not so simple to take our own advice. 

What about if we could identify what causes this negative thinking ourselves? Spot these potholes in the path, then discover how to move them, or push them away, or sort them out so they won’t trip you up again? 

Loved every minute of this course - was at a low place when I started but now not even I can hold myself down

Donna Maree Jones

Hayley has a natural flare for helping you unlock your full potential, by identifying your individuality and showing you how to harness it. I can highly recommend her services.

Shell Williams

You have options, even when it feels hopeless. You are important and have the right to be safe, happy and respected.

Change will happen... when you change what you do

It may seem difficult now but making the right choices will make life easier. Life is no longer a mountain to climb, they see it as a challenge they can conquer and control.  

No doubts, only confidence.

No can’t’s, only can’s. No fears, but clear and assured direction.

You always have at least two choices, do nothing or do something. What will it be?

Look those doubts in the eye, work out where they came from, and leave them behind. I helped my clients take back control of their lives and discover the person they truly are.

You can be better and stronger. You’ve got what it takes.

Common themes that come up during my coaching sessions with clients include:

  • Self doubt
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Managing difficult relationships

During a session, we will explore the feelings you are experiencing and the causes, and develop strategies to help you move on from these experiences, into a place where you feel happier, stronger and more resilient to life's hurdles.

Coaching workshop feedback

My first workshop about implementing coaching and training in the workplace on behalf of the local college went really well. In the short workshop, we talked about the difficulties of clear definitions of coaching and training, when coaching or training is the...

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Superhero Complex

Superhero Complex

I'm Hayley and I have a super hero complex. A super hero complex is the uncontrollable urge to help, support, bend over backwards to save them. You take responsibility for other people's lives, emotions and decisions, fighting to make them happy daily. Fighting to...

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Mental Health Workshop

Mental Health Workshop

Here is another opportunity to join myself Paul Rees, Christian Roberts and Gorseinon Rugby club at the next 'Helping Athletes Succeed' Workshop for coaches, parents and athletes. During this workshop, we will cover: How to get the best out of athletes living with...

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