Relationships are not always easy

There are ups, there are downs and there are curve balls that can affect the relationship. Relationships take work, determination and commitment from both parties to work

The more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

A relationship is an investment that will build as you devote your time and effort. As well as commitment, relationships require both parties to be open to adapt and change throughout life.  Relationship problems can occur in all aspects of life - families, romantic partners, at work or at school. Communication and emotional mindfulness are at the heart of healthy relationships, these skills can be learned and can even help to repair some unhealthy relationships.  

Learn skills and tools that promote happy, equal and loving relationships.

Together we will eradicate self blame,  but take accountability for our actions.  Learn to understand and recognise when thoughts and behaviours are causing additional problems,  and explore new healthy behaviours, thoughts and actions. I will help you set boundaries and learn to say ‘No’ without the guilt and stress it can cause.

Taking steps to improve relationships

You may feel that your friendships and family relationships are also unhealthy and that you would like to make changes to those relationships. These changes come from within. People will only do to us what we allow them to do to us. 

Relationships and Boundaries

The focus of the programme is on discovering what you have been through and helping you understand where you are and why you are feeling the way you are. We look at emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Its a process of understanding what's happened in your life, to cause the emotional impact that it has.

Relationships, whether intimate, parental, familial or friendships are often difficult when you have anxiety and / or depression.  Communication is affected, emotions are irrational and you may be sensitive to being emotionally hurt by others therefore you may have withdrawn or you spend exhausting amounts of time in the company of others pretending to be ok.

What you are unable to do is emotionally connect with others as your emotional connection with yourself is disrupted by the irrational emotions and thoughts, the internal feeling of worthlessness.  This irrational way of life interferes with your ability to assess the appropriateness of relationships, your behaviour and you are unable to make good decisions about these people. You are unable to set clear boundaries, partly because you haven’t learned how to.

Take control of the relationships in your life today

If your relationship leaves you feeling unsatisfied or is on the rocks, I can help you take steps to repair trust and rebuild a satisfying and meaningful, loving relationship.



Your Emotional Vessel

I work on the idea that we all have an emotional vessel - where we store our emotional reactions, so over time we fill this vessel up.

When our vessel is approaching being full, we release these emotions unconsciously so we can prepare for tomorrow’s stresses and strains.

Looking at emotions in this way, we can imagine the vessel to be similar to a bottle of carbonated water. If shook up, the top pops off and we have a overflow that we can’t manage.

If we release the cap slightly, small bubbles can escape without danger or damage. Finding healthy ways to release that pressure is the aim of the coaching programme.

Lost your voice?

I recently lost my voice. Not physically but figuratively, I haven’t had much to say or to share so I haven’t been recording lives. But also in my personal life - it has been a learning process, to say the least. I’ve listened to my self talk. Often I used punishing...

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Be Kind to others

I feel the need to revisit this topic, as it's quite clear that the phrase 'be kind' is misunderstood by some people. The one thing I really want to know - is it only being unkind if the person takes their own life? Criticism in any format for any other person does...

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The poker face of mental health

We talk a lot about the smile we slap on our faces when the sadness's or insanity of our thoughts are overwhelming us. The mask that protects us or damages us? We don't want the world peering into the recess of our minds, we are afraid of what we are experiencing...

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