Improving children's emotional health

I love to inspire children to want to improve their emotional health and well-being and to see that life can be what they make it. 

I can work with children, parents, children and parents, and families as a whole.  

Are you worried about your child?

Are they struggling with behaviour management?

Showing signs of anxiety or stress?

Emotional and angry outbursts?

Or are they withdrawn, and not seeming like themselves?

Are you a parent noticing some of these signs with your own children, and wondering where to go for guidance and support? 

By working with me children can learn to understand why they behave and feel as they do. They may be frightened, anxious, or feeling unworthy. They can learn ways to recognise their emotions, and how to help themselves.

Anxiety leaves you feeling as if there is always a threat

Whether its physical, emotional, sexual - Your body and mind is fighting against these threats that they believe are coming your way.  Sleep can evade you or claims you - either way, it adds to your exhaustion and leaves you no room to think rationally or or be happy.

Anxiety in Children

There have been suggestions that children with anxiety act a certain way. If there is a change in their behaviour, it could be down to anxiety. For some parents, they may be able to identify events that can trigger anxiety in their child that may have made them feel unsafe and insecure - bullying in school, the loss of a parent or grandparent, the break up of their parents marriage.

Even if they were confident previously, they may become withdrawn and more nervous in some situations. Or the opposite can happen - a more outspoken, angry child who now gets into trouble when they used to be quieter and more aware of their surroundings. There are physical symptoms too - they may be suffering from headaches, stomach pains, more trips to the toilet.  They may be struggling to concentrate or focus on the things they used to, or sleeping eratically - too much or too little. But sometimes there isn't a change of behaviour - if its been lived with for so long anxious behaviour becomes the norm.

Their lack of understanding of these 'alien' emotions can result in angry outbursts as they express their frustration. 

Acknowledge that there is an intense case of worrying or fear, and to help your child to understand what it is and where it comes from. Sit down to explain with them what anxiety is; an intense worry about something they fear -  a row in school, difficult homework, an upcoming event, help them understand what they are thinking and feeling, and what their behaviour is as a result.

Life is very different for children and families today.

With social media and technology changing the way we communicate, its forcing children to deal with adult issues before they are ready. Children of all ages are increasingly experiencing low mood, anxiety, bullying, unhappiness and frustration, losing the ability and desire to communicate and function in social situations. The result, frustrated children feeling like they are failing before they've had a chance to learn how to succeed.  They act out, get angry, withdraw from friends and family, self harm, worry and stress about a life that feels out of control.

We need to sit down and talk to children, face to face, about how we treat each other and how we treat ourselves. Whilst they sit behind screens - phones, tablets, computers, tvs - and they communicate that way - that interaction isn't happening, and its something we need to address universally. What we can do is show them how to communicate effectively and to repect their boundaries, to grow into confident adults with good self esteem and self respect. 

With the right support, they can reach for the stars.

As a parent myself, I want to encourage and nurture positive mental health in children of all ages. Together we will work out how they can take control of their thoughts and behaviour, and move towards improved mental health and wellbeing.

Get the help you need to understand what is going on for your child, and how to support them in taking control of their life.

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