Social Media and Mental Health

I like social media but have an awareness of how impactful it is on mental health. We have been provided with an easy way to communicate, to enjoy watching people’s lives develop, what they do. There are far too many opportunities to compare to the perfection...

Unhealthy ways to ‘cope’

I remember the summer of 2015 when I wasn’t coping very well with seemingly anything, I would find myself most mornings at 6am standing in front of the cupboard assessing if today was the day I needed to drink to get through the day. I would figure out how it...

Celebrating achievements

I’ve climbed Pen y fan a few times now and have had to push myself to do it every time. On the ascent while looking up at the progress I still had to make, I would feel demotivated and considered giving up every time. But when I would look down at the path I had...

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