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About Me - hayley Wheeler


Hi I’m Hayley, emotional empowerment coach, author, motivational speaker and the creator of the Dynamind coaching model for emotionally-empowered business, life and leadership. I believe that self knowledge is our super power, it gives us the ability to conquer anything.

I coach people who are ready to challenge and conquer anxiety, depression or stress, to accept their super power and take back control of their life and business. I work with a diverse client base of business leaders, managers and professionals, as well as children, parents and victims of domestic abuse.

I experienced the ultimate feeling of powerlessness when my depression controlled my life. Just like an abusive partner, it filled my head with self doubt, negativity, sadness and utter, utter despair. It took away my ability to focus, my business was failing, I started to reject my children and isolate myself, life was crashing down around me and I felt helpless.

Everyday was a struggle, I didn’t want to wake in the morning to face another day of desolation, hopelessness and disappointment. I battled with myself until I realised the internal fight was feeding the depression and I needed to understand it to conquer it. Like any creation, we have to understand how the parts connect to eradicate the problems and make them work together.

I set about learning about the layers of my emotional state, my behaviour, my thoughts, my emotions, my strengths and my weaknesses. I explored the signs, the symptoms, my feelings, emotions, the impact on my life and business, I learned about and challenged my coping methods, until I took back control my life, my parenting and my business. The focus was no longer on the fight, it was on survival and taking back control of my thoughts and emotions. The fight drained my energy, survival re-energised me, my self belief

The Dynamind coaching model is a product of my struggle with depression, designing and developing it played a big part in my recovery. Knowing that what I’d learned could help others gave me a new focus. Dynamind coaching helps adult clients learn to control their anxiety to leave the house and to create the life they want. It helps business people build a strong emotional foundation to make better business decisions, conquering self doubt to develop and grow their business. And helps child clients take control of their anxiety to better manage worries and welcome opportunities to be who they want to be.

To win any battle, we must know our enemy, emotional health and mental health are no different, the more information you have about your emotional state the better equipped you are to conquer your anxiety, depression or stress.

Contact Hayley on 07966 189 084