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Self employment - being free of the Boss - is most people’s dream. Freedom to do what they are passionate about! But the road to Success sure is a rocky one…

One minute you are on a high and ready to take on the World, the next you feel worthless, foolish and want to throw in the towel. Perhaps a deal didn’t go quite way you imagined? Maybe negative feedback dampened your enthusiasm - or the new guys in town is making you feel outdated and inadequate. Sound familiar?

Whatever your business type or industry, or however many years of experience you have, it is common to experience self-doubt from time to time. That nagging voice in your head that says you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’ve failed. Who can you turn to? Where can you look for help? It might surprise you to discover that all of these answers - and solutions - are hidden inside of you.

This workshop is created for small businesses - the ones who take care of almost every aspect of their business themselves. The ones who manage their own HR and wellbeing programmes, the ones who depend on themselves to get stuff done. And the ones who will benefit from having renewed focus, a boost in motivation and a clearer perspective.

You know yourself better than anyone, and can fix this - just like you do in every other aspect of your life. But just like the things we walk past every day and don’t notice, and the things we don’t hear because we are focussing on something else - the solutions may not be obvious. Easy for us to offer advice to others, but not so simple to take our own advice.

And who wants to admit where they think they are failing? Especially in the World of Business, where Success means you are winning but anything less means you’re a loser. What about if we could identify what causes this negative thinking ourselves? Spot these potholes in the path, then discover how to move them, or push them away, or sort them out so they won’t trip you up again? No doubts, only confidence. No can’t’s, only can’s. No fears, but clear and assured direction.

Look those doubts in the eye, work out where they came from, and leave them behind. Your business doesn’t need them! You can do this. You can be better and stronger. You’ve got what it takes.